Behind the Beats

As the new spin experience in Manchester, we want anyone who rides with us to know that LuvCycle is all about the tunes. Of course we are! We’re from Manchester; the city that gave you The Bee Gees, The Stone Roses and The Smiths. The city that saw the rise of Britpop bands like Oasis (we can’t take the credit for the fall, that’s all on Liam Ghallager…). Manchester has always had music at the very heart of its foundations, and at luvCycle, we wanted to celebrate the past by making it a part of the future of spinning.

Created by Personal Trainers to be the ultimate in time saving total-body workouts, LuvCycle is all about positive energy and encouraging its riders to push it to the limit throughout every session. We wanted to tie this in with Manchester’s exciting music scene, allowing riders to experience the same rush they feel on a night out in the Northern Quarter, or the nostalgia of nights in the 90s spent partying at the Haçienda.

In fitness, music has been proven to be the perfect partner to a workout. But why does music have such an effect on us and how exactly does it enhance our workouts?

Studies have shown that songs with a distinctive beat and a simple rythem stimulate us more than any other, and can increase cardio performance by up to 15% by increasing our heart rates and releasing major endorphins. For me, 15% sounds a little low! When I’m listening to my favourite tunes, the type of workout I get is on another level completely.

LuvCycle is also about the emotional experience. The sensation of leaving the gym after a workout and feeling completely revitalised and ready to take on the day is unlike any other. This is what we aim to deliver through our sessions, which all include energising weightlifting tracks as well as a deep meditation interval designed to get you focused and fired up, and ready to burn out that last bit of energy in the final sprint track.