To Train or Not To Train – Holiday Dilemmas

Sometimes life just gets in the way of our training. It happens to everyone. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or simply the half-term break when your kids are at home demanding attention, a lot of us will start to loosen our grip on our training schedules and healthy eating habits with the intention of picking it up again “next week”.

New Year’s Resolutions are a great example of this. These are traditions in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement, they’re a way to take one step forward in your life, so how does it make sense to take a step back first?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Christmas, New Year’s and their inevitable (and incredibly necessary) blow outs shouldn’t happen. What I’m saying is that I want to help reduce the intensity of that annual post-holiday guilt and the dread of that first trip back to the gym or to the bathroom scales.

We all know it’s not realistic to hit the gym as hard as we usually do when we have so many other holiday commitments. However, after working so hard on yourself throughout the rest of the year, you owe it to yourself to be a little bit selfish and treat yourself to a fresh, healthy and happy first trip back to the gym.

Here are LuvCycle’s three top tips for having a slightly fitter holiday break, that make it possible to really hit the ground running when you get back on the horse.

1. HIIT it at Home!

Save time and effort by setting a small amount of time aside to perform a short and refreshing mini circuit based workout at home. Choose 10 of your favourite bodyweight exercises that require no equipment (or require equipment that you already own). These could include squats, lunges, crunches, press ups and tricep dips on the edge of a chair or bed.

Set your time, whether it’s an hour (even 30 minutes will do) and perform each exercise for a minute each until your time is over. Personally, I prefer to do my home circuits as Pyramid sets (performing each exercise once, then twice, all the way up to 10 times, and then back down to once if I’m feeling brave) as this keeps me motivated and gives me a goal to achieve by the time the final bell rings.

2. Don’t Hate, Hydrate!

We all know holidays and breaks are all about eating and drinking with friends and family, So it’s important to drink lots of water during this time. Not only will this reduce any end-of-the-week hangovers, but it will also offset some of the hunger that comes with dehydration from over-indulging on alcohol. This will also help to flush out the toxins from alcohol and help you feel fresh and energised, rather than sluggish and drained.

3. Walk it out!

Wrap up warm, take the dog if you have one, and go for a brisk walk as light exercise, or after a heavy meal. This is a much better aid to digesting a decadent meal and the fresh air helps to improve mental clarity and get you focused on any goals you want to set for the week ahead.