On a Mission – A Rider’s Call to Action

If you’d have told me 12 months ago that I would be joining my brother Brenton on a 500km bike ride, in climates that could give our favourite sauna a run for its money, I probably would’ve said I’d stick with the sauna!

But here we are, gearing up (no pun intended) for the ride of our lives. This is a labour of love for us, and we’re doing it without any Lance Armstrong tactics! We’re training hard to take on this gargantuan challenge in memory of our dearly missed brother Darren, who, if he could picture little bro Jason cycling from the north to the south of Israel would have a good laugh at his expense!

We’ll be riding all the way from Kiryat Shmona (further North than our hairlines), all the way down to Eilat (further South than my fitness when I started this). We’ll be cycling with 60 other ‘athletes’, to raise funds for two amazing charities for Darren.

Our first charity is Carmiel Children’s Village, a wonderful community, providing homes to over 200 orphaned and abandoned children. The second of our charities is closer to home, located back in our native Manchester – A Smile for Ordy. This fantastic charity supports special activities for children in hospital. Our mission is to bring a smile to the faces of hundreds of children in need by supporting the charity through the Ride.

We’ve taken care of all of our own expenses – after a bit of haggling! – so that every penny that we raise will contribute directly to the lives of the amazing children who need it most.

My call to action is this: help us change the lives of these young children in need. Whatever you can contribute, whether a penny or a pound, it all counts and we would be so grateful! With your support, we hope to reach our target of £5000 each, to take us to a combined total of £10000.

Just imagine the difference this would make.

If you can help us, just click here, or on the link at the bottom of this post. Our efforts will be commemorated with a plaque that we will be unveiling in memory and on behalf of Darren, and so this is an extremely special Ride for the both of us. Your support will make it even more special.

P.S. if you have the kindness to support us, you may even get to see a few behind the scenes pics of the two of us looking broken by the ride!!

Thank you,
Jason (and Brenton) Walshaw